Get Out The Vote

Volunteer now to Get Out The Vote by emailing:


April’s General Membership Meeting has us energized and ready to work to Build the Blue Wave to victory in this year’s elections! Our first opportunity for wins will be to help get out the vote for the June 5th Primary Election when candidates could WIN significant local offices by gaining over 50% of the votes. We must persevere to ensure that our upcoming November 6th General Election also results in Democratic wins!

The most important thing you can do to stop the Trump-Republican Agenda is to volunteer to walk your neighborhood. Contact your voting neighbors, urge them to submit their mail-in ballot or go to the polls on June 5th and let them know what Democrats stand for: Supporting Working Families with Living Wage Jobs, Affordable Housing, effective Education for our children and by Protecting Medicare, Social Security and Healthcare. 

Rest assured, Republican special interests will be willing to spend as much money as they deem necessary so they can say their policies are resonating with California Voters. As Democrats, we don’t have unlimited funds to get our message out, but what we do have is The Truth and Facts and The Numbers with more voters registered as Democrats in our county.

Volunteer now to Get Out The Vote by emailing:




2 thoughts on “Get Out The Vote

  1. Sally Hall

    Can you give me the names of the 3 people who were on the homeless panel last month? I was there and they were great. I would like to contact them if you have contact information.
    Thank you, Sally Hall

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