Important PB Dems Club Action Item!


Women Occupy San Diego has submitted to the San Diego City Council a proposed charter amendment for placement on the November ballot. The amendment will transform the current Community Review Board on Police Practices (CRB) from an ineffectual board into a powerful, independent Commission that will meet the needs of the community.

If you would like San Diego to join various cities that have implemented independent Community Review Boards, please Contact the San Diego City Council and ask them to advance the Proposed Charter Amendment Section to 41.2 to transform the current CRB into a Powerful, Effective and Independent Commission out of the Rules Committee.

Laurie Zapf, District 2                          619-236-6622     

Chris Ward, District 3                          619-236-6633     

Barbara Bry, District 1                        619-236-6611     

Mark Kersey                                         619-236-6655     

The Council has placed the Amendment on its April 11th Meeting at 1 PM. Please Contact the City Council before the meeting.


Check out our Political Action Page for more Important April Actions:



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