A Message from the Executive Board

Since Donald Trump was elected and sworn in as President, Democrats have had the 2018 Midterm elections circled on our calendars. We have been watching Republicans in Congress shirk their responsibility to check the President, allowing him to pursue his cruel agenda and set priorities that do not match American Values. Meanwhile we have resisted and challenged where we could. But elections do have consequences and while we have been successful in beating back some of the Republican Agenda, we must take back the House of Representatives if we do not want to see the worst of our fears come true.

These last 14 months have felt like a whirlwind, but in reality it has been a marathon. We have pushed ourselves mentally and physically to the point of exhaustion. We have worried and hoped. We have Marched and written letters. We have made calls and knocked on doors and attended meetings, talked with our friends and anything else that we could to feel like we were building our wall against this administration. We are tired, but we can now see the finish line.

Taking back the House will give us the voice we have been lacking. It will give us a chance to truly investigate the cronyism and corruption in the White House and it will give us the power to vote on meaningful legislation to protect Dreamers and ensure that our Social Security and Medicaid benefits are not cut. It all relies on us. Do we have enough in the tank to finish this race? It’s time to dig down deep and begin our final push. If we continue to work hard and keep focused, we will wake up on November 7th feeling Hopeful.

Brian Iwakiri,  Club President


Ready to get to work? Please join your fellow PB Dems at the next meeting of the Pacific Beach Democratic Club:

6 pm, Thursday, April 5, 2018 at the Pacific Beach Recreation Center


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