February Meeting



THURSDAY at 6:00!!!

We will hear from Vera Moldt and John Loughlin.
Vera will lead a discussion on the TPP
(Trans-Pacific Partnership) and
John will provide a brief tutorial on
Facebook and its many uses.


The meeting will take place at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday,
February 4, at the Pacific Beach Recreation Center at
1405 Diamond Street, San Diego, 92109.

Vera Moldt will provide a summary of the Transpacific Partnership, a proposed international agreement that some believe will affect jobs and our democratic and judicial processes.
Vera Moldt’s professional career involved developing business opportunities and strategic relationships for technology based systems and working with a wide range of domestic and international organizations.  She dealt with intellectual property issues and negotiating domestic and international projects.
This week John Loughlin will provide the first of a series of Facebook tutorials.  These tutorials will give our members a basis from which to use Facebook as an effective took in our activism and as members of the PBDC. John has helped many of the clubs with his technical expertise.  We are grateful to him for taking the time out to assist our club!

PBDC Members Attended the CLEAN ELECTIONS KICKOFF even on January 9th! 

The kickoff event was a great success with over 70 people in attendance.   John Hartley led a signature gathering tutorial.  The petition drive is in full force. Volunteers are out now collecting signatures to get the Clean Elections initiative on the November ballot.

Help build the number who like the Clean Elections Campaign
Facebook page: “San Diego clean elections campaign!”



Join this Thursday to help
set the endorsement schedule for upcoming elections.

Our club has yet to endorse in several important races.  We will discuss which races to focus on in the coming year.


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