We will hear from Pete Hasapopoulous on
San Diego’s Climate Action Plan and
Community Choice Energy

Join us as we discuss where we have been and where we are going!  The new year is the perfect time to reflect on what makes us passionate.  If a particular issue is important to you,
we want to know about it!

The meeting will take place at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday,
January 7, at the Pacific Beach Recreation Center at
1405 Diamond Street, San Diego, 92109.

Pete Hasapopoulos is a community organizer with the Sierra Club’s My Generation campaign, which is striving for the state of California to be fully powered by clean energy.  His recent policy work includes seeing the San Diego and Carlsbad Climate Action Plans across the finish line.
Ongoing work is geared toward getting Community Choice Energy electricity providers established in multiple cities across the region.
Community Choice Energy 

California and several other states allows cities and counties to establish nonprofit electricity providers in order to purchase power on behalf of their populations.  It’s called Community Choice Energy, or “aggregation” on the law books.

Choice providers, such as the 3 already operating in California, offer their customers more clean energy than the monopoly utilities and buy increasing amounts of clean power from local sources such as rooftop solar over time.

Choice providers also offer local control over rate setting, with a local board of directors making decisions in public meetings and in a manner that is conducive to transparency and public participation. Under the Choice model, the monopoly utility continues to operate and maintain the grid, distinguishing Choice from a traditional municipal utility.  Multiple California cities, including San Francisco, are on their way to launching choice providers.

In the next few months the City of San Diego will hire a consultant to conduct a feasibility study that is expected to be complete by next autumn.

Membership renewals are due on January 1! 

Bring your check with you to the January 7th membership meeting or send it by mail to:Pacific Beach Democratic Club, PO Box 9374,
San Diego, CA 92169.

PBDC annual membership dues are $25 Individual, $30 Couple, $50 Sustaining, or $100 Patron.


Join us on Thursday, January 7 as we discuss where we have been and where we are going!

If a particular issue is important to you, we want to know!
The PBDC can bring in experts  in your area of interest.

Congrats to the PBDC!
We more than doubled in size over the last year.
Let’s do it again!


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