Join us for the PBDC’s Biggest Meeting Yet on August 6th!

This August 6th at 6 PM at the Pacific Beach Recreation Center the PBDC is hosting it’s biggest meeting yet! Hear from from San Diego County Treasurer – Tax Collector, Dan McAllister and then enjoy a panel discussion on Barriers and Bridges to Safe Access to Marijuana. Panel speakers include : Terrie Best, Alex Scherer, Dr. Michelle Sexton, and Cynara Dawn Velazquez.


Dan McAllister, San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector, will discuss:
• School Bonds: Capital Appreciation
Bond reform.
• County investments ($8.7 billion).
• What is San Diego’s current economic
• Updates on the housing market.
• What is the property tax amount collected to date and what does it mean to your community?
• How does not paying your property taxes affect our local economy?

About speaker: Dan McAllister was elected San Diego County’s Treasurer-Tax Collector in November 2002 and re-elected to his fourth term in June 2014 by an overwhelming 99% majority of the vote. Not only is he responsible for the collection of more than $5 billion in property taxes each year, but his office also manages the Investment Pool which reached an all-time high of $8.8 billion in April of 2014, ensuring that these funds are wisely invested and safeguarded for entities such as the school districts and cities in the County.

Panel Speakers:

terribestTERRIE BEST: Since 2003, Terrie Best has been a volunteer in harm reduction and drug and prison policy reform in San Diego. She is an advocate of medical cannabis patients’ rights. Terrie is the Advisory Committee Chair of San Diego Americans for Safe Access and is focused on court support and building a bridge between the recovery and medical cannabis communities in San Diego and reducing stigma surrounding the therapeutic use of cannabis.
michelle sextonDR. MICHELLE SEXTON: Dr. Michelle Sexton is a Naturopathic Doctor and Executive Medical Research Director at the Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy. She is the Founder and Chief Science Officer of Phytalab, the first WA State Cannabis testing facility. Dr. Sexton is a technical advisor and editor on the American HerbalPharmacopoeia Cannabis Monograph that was adopted for quality control guidance for I502 Cannabis in Washington State. She is internationally known for, research, patient advocacy and industry leadership.
alexschrerALEX SCHERER: Alex Scherer is a native San Diegan working as a consultant in the medical cannabis industry in California since 2007. He is currently the President of San Diego Alternative Treatment Center, a licensed San Diego Medical Marijuana Consumer Cooperative. He is also the founder of Attis Management, a full service management and consulting services provider for the cannabis industry. He has contributed to several efforts to draft legislative ordinances regarding medical marijuana and has also served on a mayoral advisory group to develop regulations for storefront collectives.
cyanaravalezquezCYNARA DAWN VELAZQUEZ: Cynara Velazquez is representing the Reform CA, a statewide coalition of drug policy groups and marijuana advocates, united to create, promote and enact a single statewide initiative for adult use marijuana in 2016. The Reform CA coalition includes Drug Policy Alliance, Marijuana Policy Project, California NORML, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, Americans for Safe Access, and many more, including the local marijuana policy reform group, the Cannabis Education Project. Cynara is president of the Cannabis Education Project and political adviser to the Association of Cannabis Professionals. She will be talking about the Reform CA campaign, their vision and strategy for full adult use legalization of Cannabis in 2016.


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