Hear Gil Cabrera and John Hartley speak this July 9th!

Candidate for City Council, GIL CABRERA, and activist, JOHN HARTLEY, speak for the members of the Pacific Beach Democrat Club!
Join us on July 9th from 6 to 8 at the Pacific Beach Recreation Center for

“Questionable Tactics in San Diego City Government”

Gil Cabrera: An attorney in San Diego for eighteen years, Cabrera started his legal career here right out of law school. Gil has been an engaged member of the San Diego community, served as a wish granter and on the Board of Directors of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of San Diego.

He began his involvement in the Democratic Party volunteering for various campaigns in the late 1990s and became a member of the Uptown Democratic Club in 2000. He co-chaired Chief Bejarano’s SDPD Use of Force Task Force.

In 2005, Councilmembers Donna Frye and Michael Zucchet nominated Gil to the City’s Ethics Commission where he served for 5 years, two as its Chair. In 2013, Todd Gloria and the Democratic Council majority appointed Gil to the City’s Convention Center board of directors where he now serves as Chair of the Budget Committee.

Gil has been named one of the top attorneys in San Diego since 2012 by the San Diego Daily Transcript, San Diego Business Journal and Superlawyers. For seven years, Gil has also served as a Judge Pro Tem appointed by the Superior Court hearing hundreds of small claims and traffic trials.

John Hartley: The former San Diego City Councilman and Coordinator of Neighborhoods for Clean Elections will be speaking to us about “Clean Elections for the City of San Diego.” He will present an overview of the proposed Clean Elections 2016 ballot measure for the City of San Diego. As part of his presentation, Mr. Hartley will share a 10 minute segment from the Bill Moyers video entitled “Road to Clean Elections.”



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