Come hear Janet Moretti – Founding Member of SanDiego350!

Thursday, May 7th at 6 PM

Come hear Janet Moretti, founding member of SanDiego350, discuss climate change with the Pacific Beach Democratic Club!

“The Climate Crisis and How We Can Solve it Together”

Climate change is real, and presents huge challenges for humanity. SanDiego350’s presentation highlights the urgency of climate action and informs members of the public about climate change: causes, local and global impacts, why we haven’t acted, and personal and collective solutions. The program empowers San Diegans to take action in meaningful ways.

The Speaker: Janina Moretti is a founding member of SanDiego350, an all-volunteer, community organization dedicated to fighting climate change. She has been a climate activist for several years and currently leads SanDiego350’s community presentation team. She is a community college chemistry instructor for her day job.

The Organization: SanDiego350 is an all-volunteer organization of diverse San Diegans concerned about climate change and its very real effects on our lively-hoods, well-being, and the future for our children. We work to increase awareness of climate change and advocate for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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