La Jolla Meet and Greet David Alvarez

Alvarez at Meet and GreetLa Jolla Residents for David Alvarez will hold a Meet and Greet David Alvarez Event at the La Jolla home of Marcia Bookstein.

Date and Time:  January 4, 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Location:  La Jolla Home of Marcia Bookstein

Sitting San Diego City Council Member David Alverez and candidate for Mayor of San Diego has made double digit gains in polls tracking his increased probability of becoming Mayor of San Diego.

Recent polling indicates that David Alzarez is in a virtual tie with his opponent.

An analysis of the polling indicates that as voters see, hear, meet, and get to know David Alvarez, they like him and recognize the strengths, experience, and competence he will bring to the office of Mayor of San Diego.

RSVP for the La Jolla Meet and Greet Event and Address: Call 619-208-0567


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