The 2014 Battle for Heart and Soul of the Democratic Party

Elizabeth WarrenThe 2014 Battle for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party:  DLC-Third Way-Hillary Clinton Democrats vs New Populists-99%-Elizabeth Warren Democrats

In a must read article “Third Way, Elizabeth Warren, and the Real Battle,” Mike Lux clarifies the choice between the big money corporat Democrats and the common sense populist Democrats:

Hillary Clinton“On the policy side, as many economists have already pointed out, they (Third Way) ignored the facts about what Warren (Common Sense Populist) is proposing to a remarkable degree, but even more importantly is the elephant in the room: their willingness to ignore the fundamental fairness in the policies Warren is proposing. Cowan and Kessler are determined that seniors get their Social Security benefits cut in order to avoid people making over $118,000 a year paying the same percentage of Social Security payroll taxes as people under that income level. They want seniors’ Medicare benefits cut in order to keep the health care industry from having to cut back on the uncontrolled profit-making built into the system. When Warren supports students paying the same interest rates on their college loans that the biggest banks do at the Federal Reserve discount window, they cry out in outrage about how unfair that is to the banks. They just don’t get what side of the fairness fight that Democrats ought to be on.

Follow the link to read the full article <>


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