Remembering Investigative Reporter Gary Webb and CIA Contra-Cocaine Connection

Gary WebbThank you Robert Parry for honoring Gary Webb‘s memory and reminding us of corporate media complicity in covering up Reagan’s governmental malfeasance in funding the Contras, CIA‘s involvement in the cocaine trade, and the discrediting of Gary Webb’s reporting of CIA’s contra-cocaine connection.

As Robert Parry points out in Consortium News article, Contra-Cocaine was a Real Conspiracy, the coverup still continues with the recent New York Magazine article, which equates the CIA Contra-Cocaine Connection uncovered by investigative reporter Gary Webb as being just another “conspiracy theory” lacking substance and facts.  Gary Webb was falsly discredited, forced from his job at the San Jose Mercury News, blocked from getting work as a reporter, and committed suicide.

Sounds a bit like other “conspiracy theories” in recent history such as (1) tobacco is linked to addiction and cancer, (2) human activity is linked to climate change, and (3) Dick Cheney and the Neo-Cons fixed the facts around weapons of mass destruction to justify a war against Iraq.

US Marines Patrol Poppy Field

How about an emerging fourth “conspiracy theory” that based on lessons learned during the Reagan years in Nicaragua, the CIA support of Afghanistan warlords is linked to increased heroin production and the multibillion dollar opium trade?

  1. The Spoils of War-Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Herion Trade <>
  2. US Occupation Leads to All-time High Opium Production in Afghanistan <>
  3. How the Invasion and Occupation of Afghanistan Fueled a Heroin Resurgence <>

Follow the link to the Robert Parry article about Gary Webb:  <>

Additional Links to articles about Gary Webb:

  1. Judas Retires, Jerry Ceppos and Burning Memory of Gary Webb <>
  2. The Sad Saga of Gary Webb <>
  3. Dark Alliance, The CIA, The Contras, and The Crack Cocaine Explosion <>

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