Issa Watch: Darrell Issa Is Very Bad At His Job

Darrell_Issa_Gage_SkidmoreIssa Watch: Rep. Darrell Issa is very bad at his job
By Hunter for Daily Kos

For all the talk of oversight, the Issa-led committee (House Oversight and Government Reform Committee) has done precious little of it, or at least has almost nothing to show for it.

Issa is so enmeshed with conspiracy theorizing that the things he wishes to “investigate” are very often (Benghazi, cough) based on fringe theories and conspiratorial delusions.

He’s always convinced that everything the committee deals with is a likely conspiracy that leads directly to the door of the White House, and whether or not he’s doing that because he is a partisan hack who can think of no better use for the committee’s time or whether he really, truly believes that all bad things in the world emanate from that bad man in the Oval Office, the result is the same.

He’s bad at it, the committee he chairs has become a national running joke, and as much as we all love a good joke there is probably some actual oversight that ought to be going on that isn’t, thanks to Issa’s propensity to constantly break off his leash in order to go chase cars.

For the full article, follow the link:  Rep. Darrell is very bad at his job


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