The Demise of Democracy and the Ascendency of the Corporate State

Bill Moyers and HenryBill Moyers and Henry Giroux discuss the demise of democracy and the ascendency of the corporate state.

Bill Moyers engages Henry Giroux in a lucent conversation, which clarifies the challenge facing democracy itself and frames the political debate for an arising generation who are realizing they have been commoditized, depersonalized, and screwed by the corporate state which pursues profit over human values, greed over compassion, and corporate welfare over the common good.

Zombie PoliticsHenry Giroux is the author of Zombie Politics and Culture in the Age of Casino Capitalism, which provides a new metaphor for understanding the corporate take over of the American political and economic system and the demise of democracy and the suffocation of the American dream.

Link to the interview to listen to this incredible exchange, <>

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