Thank You Merrill Williams Jr: The Whistle Blower Who took Down Big Tobacco

Merrell Williams JrThank you Merrell Williams Jr for exposing corporate greed that kills for profit.

Follow the link to read the LA Times obituary about the whistle blower, who took on the tobaco industry and exposed them for lying and killing for profit.

“In interviews, Williams readily admitted snatching the papers and sometimes called himself a thief. But he bristled when tobacco spokesmen made the accusation. It’s like “telling the judge that somebody stole your dope,” he said in a 1997 interview with the Dallas Morning News.

“When you explain it to a 5-year-old, what he did sounds so beautiful: ‘He told people that some bad people are poisoning children,’” said his daughter Jennifer Smith, a mother of two. “We’re very proud of the impact he had.”

“In addition to Smith, Williams is survived by his wife, Christina Daltro; another daughter, Sarah Ridpath; and five grandchildren.”


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