McQuary Gives CDC Report at CDP’s EBoard General Session

CDC Final Report at CDP General SessionMichael McQuary gave the final report of the California Democratic Ccuncil during the General Session of the California Democratic Party‘s November Executive Board Meeting, held at the SFO Westin, in Milbrae.

The CDC Caucus, Chaired by Michael McQuary in the absence of President Henry Vandermeir, met Saturday evening to discuss organizational changes to the CDC ‘s Constitution that will more effectively develop new clubs were none exist, strengthen existing clubs, empower club members, train party leaders, select and elect Democratic candidates, and advocate for and pass progressive initiatives and propositions.

A Constitutional Convention was scheduled for Saturday, February 22, 9am – 5pm, in San Luis Obispo.  Affiliated Democratic club and county party members are encouraged to go to the CDC Website and review the proposed changes and provide suggestions and comments regarding the future structure of CDC.

During the three-day Eboard Conference, morning coffees were held to discuss problems and issues with Democratic Club Websites.  In addition, participating members were asked to identify ways CDC could best support Club and Central Committee websites and train website Content Managers.


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