Join California’s MoveOn Movement to Stop Fracking

Fracking Fighter 2Fracking is happening in California and expected to increase unless their is a movement to stop it.

Take action by becoming the first Fracking Fighter in your neighborhood.

California MoveOn has made it easy to organize and help stop this horrific practice that benefits big energy and harms everyone else, including the planet.

“Tap water so contaminated you can light it on fire. Cancer-causing chemicals released into drinking water sources. Air pollution. Economic damage. Climate change. These are just some of the effects of hydraulic fracturing.1

“Better known as “fracking,” hydraulic fracturing is a method used by the fossil fuel industry to release oil and gas deposits by injecting massive amounts of water and toxic chemicals deep underground—often with devastating results.

“But fracking has another side effect—organized resistance from millions of concerned Americans. The grassroots movement to stop fracking and invest instead in clean, renewable energy has grown so rapidly that it’s been called “the largest grassroots movement on the environment in decades.”2

“That’s why today, we’re thrilled to launch a major new campaign to support the grassroots leaders who are organizing to stop fracking and who are already building a national movement. We’re calling it #FrackingFighters, and the purpose is to support grassroots leaders with resources, materials, and training to build winning campaigns to end fracking.

“MoveOn members like Mike Page in Lafayette, Colorado, have been on the front lines, and are showing that people power really can overcome corporate power. Just last week, despite being outspent 32 to 1 by the oil and gas industry, voters in three Colorado cities rose up and approved bans and moratoria on fracking in their communities.3

“Mike knocked on doors in his neighborhood to get out the vote, and other MoveOn members chipped in money that helped the grassroots campaigns pay for basic materials like flyers and yard signs that helped educate voters. It was as grassroots and community-driven as it gets—and it worked. We believe that the victories we’ve seen in places like Colorado are a model for how to protect our communities—and that’s why today, we’re launching MoveOn’s #FrackingFighters program.

“Do you want to be part of the movement to stop fracking from hurting our communities? 

Click here to apply to be the first MoveOn #FrackingFighter in your neighborhood!


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