American Fascism with a GOP Face

American Fascism with a GOP Face
American Fascism with a GOP Face

On September 30, the Republican controlled House passed a resolution that changed the House Rules, removing governance from the representatives of the people and giving it to the leader of the Republican Party, Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader.

This small, loud, and devious faction of the Republican Party are so filled with hate for President Obama and so fearful of the demographic changes that are happening in America, they are willing to kill basic democratic principles that are the hallmark of our system of governance.

This fascist-like action was not made public until October 15, when House Democrat Chris Van Hollen from Maryland focused national attention on the Republican “draconian rule change.”

Thank you Chris Van Hollen!

Where were the other House Democrats? Could they not hear the sound of shattered glass as the GOP and 7 Blue Dogs broke their sacred oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?

It’s time for others to stand with Chris Van Hollen, acknowledge this tragic action, hold the GOP leadership accountable for their hypocrisy, defend the people’s representative governance, and take action to prevent this from happening again.

For more information:  William Boardman’s RSN, “Fascism with a Democratic Face


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