Congratulation Ray Lutz For Protecting Right to Conduct Peaceful Political Activities

raylutzvoterregCongratulation Ray Lutz of San Diego, who successfully sued to protect the right to conduct a peacefully political activity in public spaces of private property.

Ray Lutz Settles with City of San Diego for Voter Registration Arrest

Case against other defendants, including CBRE, still pending

SAN DIEGO (Oct 16, 2013) — A non-confidential settlement mediation hearing will be conducted today at 2:30pm in the courtroom of Hon. Judge David H. Bartick, in the Federal Courthouse in San Diego, 10th Floor (Annex).

On Nov 29, 2011, former U.S. Congress candidate Ray Lutz was arrested for attempting to register voters in the primary public square in San Diego, the Civic Center Plaza, in front of the Civic Center Office Building. The entire arrest was documented by a YouTube video that went viral shortly after the arrest, at this address:

Other videos, including interviews of witnesses at the time of the event and rallies that occurred while Lutz was in jail can be seen at this URL:

0Lutz sued the City of San Diego, the Police Department, various officers, and the Civic Center Office Building management, CBRE, and others, who executed a written statement confirming they were performing a citizens arrest for trespassing.

“We decided to settle with the City and bring this case with them to a close rather than pester the city with more legal problems,” Lutz said. “Our goal was to send a clear message and require that the city admit they were wrong. This is about as close to an admission of guilt you can get from the city. We want to make sure this never happens again. Plus, the other defendants are really more clearly at fault because they signed the citizen’s arrest paperwork.”

An element of the settlement will be to expunge the arrest from Lutz’s record and the city’s statement that they will no longer arrest people for peaceful political activity in public spaces of private property. The area around the Civic Center Office Building is considered private property, even though the area is within the public square which is bordered by City Hall, the Civic Auditorium, the Community Concourse, and the Civic Center Office Building, which was was 93% leased to city offices, including the City Attorney’s offices, at the time of the arrest.

Mr. Lutz will be available for questions outside the courthouse after the hearing which starts at 2:30pm and will likely not take a great deal of time to complete. However, Mr. Lutz will plan to be available at from the end of the meeting to 3:30pm outside the Federal Courthouse to answer any questions as the length of the hearing is not predetermined. tulations Ray Lutz, who successfully sued to secure the right to peacefully protest in public space and to register voters.


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