Why is the Trans Pacific Partnership a Greater Threat Than Terrorism?

TPP-WiderThe Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a proposed free trade agreement, which is secretly being negotiated by the governments of Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, United States, and Vietnam.

“The TPP is ostensibly intended to be a “high-standard” agreement specifically aimed at emerging trade issues in the 21st century.  These ongoing negotiations have drawn criticism and protest from the public, advocacy groups, and elected officials, in part due to the secrecy of the negotiations, the expansive scope of the agreement, and a number of controversial clauses in drafts leaked to the public.” (Wikipedia, Trans Pacific Partnership)

One reported controversial clause would prevent governments from regulating the distribution and sale of cigarettes.  What a convenience this would be for the tobacco industry and what a lift for corporate profits.  Smoking causes cancer, who cares when there are profits to be made?  And, this is only one of the several uncovered outrageous clauses.  Check the references as they relate to Monsanto.

No wonder, TPP advocates want to negotiate this agreement in secret and “fast track” the TPP agreement through the legislative process, which will force Congress to act with an up or down vote and without any real serious debate.

So…Why is the TPP a greater threat than terrorism?

Because the corporate media knows the importance of distracting public attention away from the real news, they would like for you to be focused on the contrived threat of terrorism rather than on the “bread and butter” issues of jobs, the well being of families, and the health of the planet.

The Trans Pacific Partnership adversely affects these bread and butter issues and will be enacted if the public does not become informed of this tragedy in the making and act to prevent its adoption.

Why is the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) a major concern?

  1. TPP is NAFTA on Steroids
  2. Corporate Oligarchs will be above the Rule of Law.
  3. Governments by the People will be Ineffective.
  4. Corporate Profits will be the Supreme Priority.
  5. Public Health and General Welfare will be a Footnote.
  6. Individual Greed will trump a Sustainable Planet.

Don’t be distracted!  Wake up, catch up on the news that really matters, and take action to make a difference!

Call or write your Congressional Representatives and tell them (1) not to fast track the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement and (2) hold serious debates on this TPP issue which is a greater threat to our democracy than terrorism.


2 thoughts on “Why is the Trans Pacific Partnership a Greater Threat Than Terrorism?

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