Where is the younger and wiser John Kerry?

Secretary Kerry faces the hard questions and fails, "All in favor of killing to stop the killing?"
Secretary Kerry faces the hard questions and fails, “All in favor of killing to stop the killing?”

Given the legacy of the Bush Administration’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction” lie, the resulting fiasco in Iraq, and the horrific lesson this nation was taught;  how does Secretary of State John Kerry have the audacity to recommend a war strike based on (1) Donald Rumsfeld-like evidence, “Trust us because we know what we know;” (2) Condoleezza Rice-like fear, “If we do not teach them a lesson now, they will hurt us later in the form of a mushroom cloud of gas;” and (3) Paul Wolfowitz-like war budgeting, “It’s almost free, the Arabs will pick up the tab?”

Where is the younger, wiser anti-Vietnam War John Kerry, who understood the economic and human cost of the false claims of the Vietnam War mongers, peddling the fear based Domino Theory, and who asked the famous question, “How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?”

The US acted out of fear, ignorance and profit then, in Iraq later, and now…

How do you ask a country to go to war and kill for any reason, least of all for a mistake?

The older Secretary of State Kerry should re-read the younger Veteran Kerry’s anti-war Cliff’s Notes and realize he is not the Secretary of Defense and become the exemplary Secretary of State and diplomat he was meant to be.

Just in case the older and less wise Kerry doesn’t connect the dots in time, those who do must take action:  Sign Credo’s “Don’t Bomb Syria” petition.


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