Ban fracking in San Diego County

Ban fracking in San Diego County
Dear f.w.,

Fracking is a toxic method of oil and gas extraction that involves blasting vast quantities of water and toxic chemicals deep underground–and it’s endangering countless Californians’ health, safety and livelihoods.

But Big Oil has plans to massively expand fracking in a huge section of the state–roughly 1,750 square miles from Southern to Central California, from Modesto to San Diego County.

My petition, which is to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, asks the following:

Fracking is an inherently dangerous threat to our air, water and health. Ban fracking now.


Despite the clear risks posed to Californians by the oil industry’s plans to frack our state, legislation that would have placed a moratorium on fracking died in the Assembly and Governor Brown appears eager to encourage the expansion of this toxic industry.

That’s why we have to take matters into our own hands and ban fracking at the local level. Cities and counties in California have broad authority to ban fracking, and we should pressure our elected officials to step in where the state government has so far failed to act.

Local bans on fracking may also be one of the most effective strategies for winning change at the state level. If a wave of cities and counties in California reject fracking, it will put increased pressure on Governor Brown to ban fracking in all of California.

Click here to learn more and add your name to my petition to ban fracking in San Diego County.

Thank you for your support.

Rena Marrocco


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