Call to Action: Support Esther Sanchez’s Reappointment to the Coastal Commission

Esther SanchezCall to Action: Write a letter to Speaker Perez in support of Esther Sanchez’s reappointment to the California Coastal Commission.  Esther Sanchez has been a strong voice for environmentalists, defending the long-term economic interests of the State against the short-term interests of developers, who are currently in the majority on the Coastal Commission.

Suggested letter of support:

Dear Speaker Perez,

You have an important appointment to make in the next few days. This appointment will have a major impact on whether or not the Commission enforces the Coastal Act and protects our coastal resources.

The current commission no longer is balanced. It is heavily weighted in favor of development. Please consider this in your appointment.

I urge you to appoint someone, who will uphold the Coastal Act. You have a member on the current commission, Esther Sanchez, who has proven that she knows, understands and upholds the Act, and I strongly recommend you reappoint her.

Consider setting aside the pressures from the short-term development interests and think of the long-term economic interests of the State and reappoint Esther Sanchez to the Coastal Commission.


Send letter by linking to Speaker Perez’s website.


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