Senate Immigration Reform Bill is Good and Bad, Mostly Bad


The Senate Immigration Reform Bill looks more like a jobs bill tailor made for the military-industrial-security complex focused on punishment and criminalization rather than real reform of a broken immigration system.

It is reasonably projected that if this bill passes, it will place more security personnel on the border than there are troops in Korea.

Many fought for a humane solution to the broken immigration system and the 11 million immigrants seeking resolution to decades of social and economic injustice.

The $40 billion militarization of the border and 700 more miles of fencing are a Minuteman’s dream on steroids–military devises created for wartime conditions would include unmanned drones, surveillance equipment, radar systems, high tech fencing, many more feet on the ground, and a plethora of bureaucratic technocrats.

This bill will authorize the spending of scarce national resources and federal dollars that could have been better spent on our schools, neighborhood streets, healthcare, medical research, a crumbing infrastructure, etc.

We need a real solution and comprehensive immigration reform not a militarization and criminalization boondoggle that will make the situation worse.

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