Don’t Let What is Happening in Wisconsin and North Carolina Happen in California

What is happening in Republican controlled states like Wisconsin and North Carolina could be happening in California, except Democrats control California.

Tea-TotaledCalifornia used to be a Red state until Democrats organized around Democratic Clubs that (1) helped build progressive communities in neighborhoods throughout the state, (2) strengthened and expanded the Democratic message, and (3) elected Democratic candidates.

Today, California has two women Democratic Senators, a Democratic Governor, holds every statewide elected position, and maintains a Democratic super majority in both state houses.

In the San Diego area, the county has been Blue since 2008; the county of San Diego has its first Democratic supervisor in 18 years; the city of San Diego has a Democratic Mayor after almost three decades of Republicans; and three out of five of our Congressional representatives are Democrats.

In local communities, which have been dominated by Republicans for decades, Democrats are starting to make inroads. For example, in Oceanside and Escondido, Democrats hold City Council seats and are building credible alliances that are producing a more progressive base of voters.

The-Drivers-SeatAnd…remember Poway, the infamous school board with all Republicans, who saddled its community with a billion dollar obligation to payback a $100 million dollar school bond. Well, it now has a firey, competent, and highly skilled Democratic school board member, who was recently elected to begin to make a difference.

Democrats are making a difference in their communities.

Let’s keep California Blue and prevent a return to the fanatical agenda of a Red state controlled by Republicans.

Action you can take to help make a difference in your community is to join and support your local Democratic Club.

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