President Obama and the IRS Folded Like Wet Cardboard

English: Anti-Obama protester at an Austin, Te...
Anti-Obama protester at an Austin, Texas “Tea Party” protest on July 4, 2009 (Wikipedia)

In the New York Times Op-Ed, “The Real IRS Scandal,” Sheila Krumolz and Robert Weinberger state that under Tea Party and Conservative GOP pressure, Obama and the IRS “folded like wet cardboard” and fired the acting head of the IRS.

Some of the biggest critics crying foul are the same ones who received large political “dark money” campaign contributions from these same supposedly “non-partisan,” 501c4, tax exempt agencies.

The question is not why were 501c4, right wing, conservative, political groups targeted by the IRS, but why were political groups, right or left, given 501c4 status in the first place.

In addition, Krumoiz and Weinberger conclude, “With the surge of dark money into politics, we need to ensure that the I.R.S. is capable of rigorously enforcing the law in a nonpartisan, but also more effective, way. While we focus on the rickety raft of minor Tea Party groups targeted by the I.R.S., there is an entire fleet of big spenders that are operating with apparent impunity.”

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