Suddenly, Innocent Women and Children Are Blown Up – Terrorism?

NATO Strike Kills Innocent Women & Children
NATO Strike Kills Innocent Women and Children

When a bomb blows up at least 29 innocent women and children asleep in their beds, is it terrorism?

Hypocritically, it is not terrorism, if it was the “good guys with guns” on our side, who killed them.

Check out this article by Peter Hart, “When Libyans Die From NATO Strikes, It’s Not Benghazi, posted in FAIR Blog:

“The incident happened in Majer on August 8, 2011–about a month before Benghazi. Some Libyan officials claimed 85 were killed in the strikes; other counts were lower, closer to 30. The immediate response from NATO were that the target “was a military facility,” and that, as a CNN reporter (8/11/11) put it, “NATO says it has no evidence of civilian casualties at this point.” The incident was of little interest to the media at the time.

“By December of that year,  though, the story was finally getting some attention. A lengthy New York Times report (12/18/11) on civilian attacks across the country recorded

credible accounts of dozens of civilians killed by NATO in many distinct attacks. The victims, including at least 29 women or children, often had been asleep in homes when the ordnance hit.”

“The Times even got NATO to shift its line on the issue of dead civilians:

“From what you have gathered on the ground, it appears that innocent civilians may have been killed or injured, despite all the care and precision,” said Oana Lungescu, a spokeswoman for NATO headquarters in Brussels. “We deeply regret any loss of life.”

So..where is the connection between our actions and our values?

The deaths of innocents anywhere should be a major concern.  We should investigate the innocent killings by Americans with the same vigor as the killing of innocent Americans by others.

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