San Diego Explained Examines San Onofre Short Term Problems…Long Term?

The San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant.San Diego Explained provides an overview of the immediate problems with the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant:

1) The San Onofre Power Plant is old
2) Efforts to upgrade the power generators have failed
3) New $671 million generators need to be replaced
4) New proposed repairs will cost billions of dollars
5) Who pays? Not the investors, but the rate payers

This overview does not mention the long term problems the massively problematic and expensive repair of an old nuclear power reactor presents:

1) Huge and growing quantities of nuclear waste storage
2) Potential of a major melt down affecting the lives of more than 8 million people living within 50 miles of a San Onofre decontamination zone
3) Potential loss of private and commercial property worth trillions of dollars
4) Untold damage to local and global environment that will take 100’s of years to repair
5) Loss of an economic and techonological opportunity to transition to safer, greener, and more sustainable energy sources

Learn more and follow the link to San Diego Explained.


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