What did Richard Falk Actually Say In His Commentary on the Marathon Murders?

Richard FalkRichard Falk, “A Commentary on the Marathon Murders,” is being vilified not by what he said about the “Marathon Murders,” but for his recommendation that the US reassess the mission of its foreign policy and its proclivity to project military force rather than diplomacy to resolve global conflicts and pursue national interests.

Richard Falk concludes his blog by stating,  “Aside from the tensions of the moment, self-scrutiny and mid-course reflections on America’s global role is long overdue. Such a process is crucial both for the sake of the country’s own future security and also in consideration of the wellbeing of others. Such adjustments will eventually come about either as a result of a voluntary process of self-reflection or through the force of unpleasant events. How and when this process of reassessment occurs remains a mystery. Until it does, America’s military prowess and the abiding confidence of its leaders in hard power diplomacy makes the United States a menace to the world and to itself. Such an observation is as true if the more avowedly belligerent Mitt Romney rather than the seemingly dovish Barack Obama was in the White House. Such bipartisan support for maintaining the globe-girdling geopolitics runs deep in the body politic, and is accompanied by the refusal to admit the evidence of national decline. The signature irony is that the more American decline is met by a politics of denial, the more rapid and steep will be the decline, and the more abrupt and risky will be the necessary shrinking of the global leadership role so long played by the United States. We should be asking ourselves at this moment, “how many canaries will have to die before we awaken from our geopolitical fantasy of global domination?”

To read the original Richard Falk commentary follow the link, “A Commentary on the Marathon Murders.”

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One thought on “What did Richard Falk Actually Say In His Commentary on the Marathon Murders?

  1. bolivious

    Richard Falk’s article about the Boston Marathon bombing is objectionable not so much because of what it says, but because Falk implies that the bombing was an instance of “blowback”, i.e. revenge for American foreign policy.
    He makes no attempt to test this hypothesis, but instead assumes it as a matter of course.
    I would propose a counter-hypothesis, namely that Islamic terrorism in the US is the consequence of the presence of Mohammedans in the country. This hypothesis seems much more realistic. After all, if there were no Mohammedans in the US, NONE of the various outrages committed by Islamic terrorists would have occurred.
    Moreover, the US has invaded and oppressed many peoples, beginning with those of Latin America and the Caribbean. How many terrorism deaths have occurred in the US as a result of such depredations? The answer: four.
    Four Americans have died in terrorist attacks in the US as a result of US imperialism against Latin America. One died in 1950 in Washington, DC and 3 died in New York in 1974.
    That’s it.
    Consequently in the US, the Islamic terrorism problem seems to be an internal demographic problem caused by mistake immigration policies, and not a foreign policy problem.

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