Emerging Epidemic of Bosses Stealing Wages From Low-Wage Employees

Is low-wage theft happening to you or someone you know?

It’s bad enough that you may be out of a job, then you get work that pays a low-wage, but your employer rigs your paycheck so you get even less than you deserve.  If you complain or ask questions, you are lied to, threatened with termination, or fired!

Currently, as indicated by the linked article from AlterNet, written by Jynn Stuart Parramore, there is an epidemic of employers (including Wal-Mart, Citigroup, and UPS), who are being charged with stealing from their low-wage workers.

Read this incredible article, “When Your Boss Steals Your Wages-An Invisible Epidemic That’s Sweeping America,” to learn about this insidious practice that is being inflicted on  the hard-working and often uninformed employee, who may be trapped in a “neo-slave labor” relationship with a heartless employer, who places greed of personal gain above compassion for the safety and general welfare of employees.

Then follow-up and take action!

Kim-Bobo-2012Kim Bobo, “Wage Theft in America,” suggests a number of actions that can be taken to address the issue, including (1) “creating task forces to identifying agencies that help low-wage workers know when they are being cheated” and (2) supporting  efforts to strengthen wage theft laws at the state, city and county levels.


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