Congratulations Lori Saldana, Chair of Sierra Club’s San Diego Chapter

Lori SaldanaCongratulations!

Lori Saldana, Past President of the Pacific Beach Democratic Club, is Chair of the San Diego Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Lori’s responsibilities on the Sierra Club‘s San Diego Chapter Executive Committee include having the legal responsibility and authority to oversee all staff and volunteer activities of the Chapter, to establish the Chapter’s conservation priorities and internal policies, and to adopt and implement the annual budget.

Additional requirements include a demonstrated ability to be an experienced, effective leader who has a clear vision for the Chapter’s future and a proven capacity to work with people to achieve goals and resolve problems.

Other members on the 2013 Executive Committee (with office & term expiration):

Mollie Bigger (2015)
Malinda Dickenson (2014)
Marc Ebel (2014)
Dave Grubb, NCCG Rep (2013)
Jim Karsten, NCG Rep (2013)
Kara Liederman, Vice Chair (2013)
Robert Morris, Treasurer (2015)
Bill Powers (2015)
Lori Saldaña, Chair (2014)
Donna Tisdale (2014)
Dave Voss, Secretary (2013)


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