Training to Speak Out at City Hall For Your Neighborhood

Neighborhood Advocacy TrainingHave you ever wanted to stand up for an issue in City Hall but did not know how?

CPI is holding a training session to show you how to make a compelling public statement during a City Council Session.

Saturday, May 4, from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm:  Neighborhood Advocacy Training  

The training will focus on the City Budget as it affects neighborhoods, but the skills learned can be applied to other issues.  The initial step is to do your research and know your issue.  Secondly, the message needs to be honed to maximum impact.  Thirdly, the message needs to be delivered effectively.

CPI training we’ll outline how the upcoming budget will impact your neighborhood, and then will help you hone your message and your speaking skills. Additionally, you’ll get a chance to practice addressing a committee hearing or Council meeting.

The practice will prepare attendees to take their honed message public during public hearings scheduled for May 6 through May 10, 2013.

The free training, hosted by the Community Budget Alliance, will be at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation (the Chollas View Room, 2nd floor), 404 Euclid Ave, San Diego, CA.

For details or to RSVP, click here:, or contact Trinh Le at or by phone at (619) 584-5744 x24.

Save the date and attend the training:  Saturday, May 4, from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm:  Neighborhood Advocacy Training.  

Additional Information:


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