Drones Are A Liability In The War Against Al-Qaeda

Killer DroneSenate Hearings on the use of drones and the testimony of Farea Al-Muslimi, reveals that the drone killings do not stop Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) but are a major source for its growth of recruits and its expanding influence.

Al-Muslimi, a Yemeni journalist, writer, and pro-democracy activist, testified at the Senate Judiciary’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights, stating, “In the poor village that day, more than 40 civilians were killed, including four pregnant women. Bin Fareed was one of the first people to the scene. He and others tried to rescue civilians. He told me their bodies were so decimated that it was impossible to differentiate between the children, the women, and their animals.  Some of these innocent people were buried in the same grave as animals.”

This horrible misuse of a weapon of war that resulted in massive destruction and scores of deaths of innocent women and children in 2012 has been covered up by the Obama Administration, which has blocked requests for information about the drone strike.

The “targeted killings” are justified by the Obama Administration as legitimate actions taken in a war zone to fight Al Qaeda; however, these “targeted killings,” which sometimes succeed, often times fail to get the “bad guys,” and end up producing “collateral” damage, the killing of non-combatant Yemeni civilians as well as US Citizens.

This indiscriminate killing of women and children by drones in Yemen villages has turned the hearts and minds of the people of Yemen against the United States and has lost the War on Terrorism in this critical battleground.

The use of drones in the War Against Terror is producing terror in the lives of innocents and is turning friends of America into its enemies.

For more about “killer drones” and the “President’s Kill List,” follow the links:


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