The San Diego Debate Club – Speakers and Presenters Needed

Do you or your club’s members want to debate the other side in a fair fight?  Well, here’s your chance.  The San Diego Debate Club, a new organization based at, is looking for well-informed presenters and panelists to represent both the political Left and Right at a series of debates to be held in the coming months on major issues facing our country.  The group’s first debate will be on Thursday, April 25, from 7pm to 9pm, at a public meeting hall in Kearny Mesa.  The topic will be, “Do the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes?”  This debate, like others planned, will be modeled after the famous Oxford Union debates, meaning we will have chief advocates for the progressive and conservatives points of view, two panels of advocates to back them up, and, of course, regular club members to serve  as part of an interactive audience.  I’m the moderator and today I’m recruiting progressive panelists.  But, as a policy wonk type, I’ll hold down the progressive side at some of the future debates.

Sound interesting?  Attached is a flyer announcing the April 25 meeting.  Please pass it along to your club members.  If you or another member of your club feel confident that you can present a strong progressive case for, well, progressive taxes, please contact me or the organization’s main organizer, Bill Driscoll at the phones/emails below.  Also, please consider encouraging your club’s members join the San Diego Debate Club’s home at its home:

Thank you.  Bill and I sure hope to hear from some of you.  This is how we fight back: One forum at a time.

David Genser, Moderator and Co-organizer San Diego Debate Club 858-231-6209

Bill Driscoll, Organizer San Diego Debate Club 858-278-2554


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