National Anti-Drone Day in San Diego Makes Statement

National Anti-Drones Day in San Diego makes the statement, “No drones in our backyard!”

No Drones I-15 OverpassDemonstrators gathered at several San Diego locations to call attention to the manufacture of drones and their use around the world and over our communities here at home.

San Diego is the Drone Capitol of the world, manufacturing more drones than anywhere else on the planet.  Of the 35 billion dollars San Diego gets in defense contracts 12 % are related to the manufacture or support of the drone industry.

Over the last several days, demonstrators gathered in front of buildings of the corporate leaders of drone production and on freeway overpasses of the I-5 and I-15 to call attention to this new weapon of mass distruction, their indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians in war zones, and their threat to civil rights here at home.

Today is the last day to join in this effort to make the statemement:  “No Killer Drones in Our Name!” and “No Drones in Our Backyard!”

Goto National Anti-Drone Days-San Diego for a schedure of events and update.


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