PBDC April Meeting

PBDC NOTICE of important events… general meeting 4/6 @ 11am PB Rec Ctr, 1405 Diamond Street

This serves as notice for a ratification vote on changes to the Club’s By-laws (proposed changes attached) and a new secretary for the club.
Details and requirements are:

  • A quorum at a general meeting is 30% of the club’s members in good standing. A quorum at the general meeting is needed to conduct club business.
  • By-law changes were presented at the general meeting last month and this notice is provided as specified in Article V, Section 4 of these bylaws.
  • By-law ratification requires approval of 60% of those present.
  • Michael McQuary has tendered his resignation as Club Secretary creating a vacancy and Susan Morse has been nominated by the board to replace him.
  • Any vacant elective office is filled by appointment by the executive committee subject to ratification by the membership at the next general meeting, provided that the membership is notified in the manner specified in Article V, Section 4 of the bylaws.

Both will happen at the next general meeting on 4/6. Please attend this very important meeting if you can.

In addition to the above our guest speakers for the meeting will be:

  • Kevin Beiser, School Board Sub-district B
  • Bryan Pease an attorney and potential candidate for City Council District 2
  • John Mattes an investigative journalist who has won seven Emmys will provide updates on what’s happening in the Mayor’s office

Other local club meeting announcements can be found at San Diego County Democratic Party – Club News or Google Calendar for the Upcoming Events


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