What’s happening in the Uptown Neighborhood? Whole Foods Market Grand Celebration

Whole Foods Market Getting Ready to Celebrate Grand Celebration

Whole Foods Market, located at 711 University Avenue, has been in the Uptown neighborhood for 16 years and is completing a major remodeling project that will maintain the integrity of the best of what is Uptown and provide access to the highest quality of local foods, organic produce and healthy life choices.

Marketing Supervisor Ray Kau said, “The remodel was a big change for the store, and designers strived to keep the integrity of the neighborhood in tact through several elements…We are a unique and diverse neighborhood, and we get such strong support from Hillcrest and the surrounding communities,” Kau said. “We really want to recognize and call that out within the store.”

Whole Foods Market will feature a full service restaurant, which includes soups, sandwiches, tacos, salads and sushi.  Among other menu options will be 32 beers and a selection of wines.

Kau announced that Whole Foods Market will host a “grand reopening 16th anniversary celebration,” which will be a weeklong celebration starting Friday, April 5 and will include a cake cutting, live music and a beer tasting at the new pub.


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