No Surprise that the State Department Green Lights the Keystone XL Pipeline Project

Keystone XL demonstration, White House,8-23-20...
Keystone XL demonstration, White House,8-23-2011 Photo Credit: Josh Lopez (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is no surprise that the State Department’s Keystone XL Project’s Environmental Impact Statement finds that the Keystone XL Pipeline would have no negative environmental impact and would have a positive economic impact.


The authors are outside contractors with ties with the oil industry and have a negative track record for (1) green lighting projects that result in environmental disasters, such as the 2008 Caspian Sea PB oil spill and (2) grossly estimating the number of jobs that would be created by such projects.

Natasha Lennard, in the linked Solan article, “State’s Keystone Report Authors Also OK’d Explosive Caspian Pipeline,” digs a bit below the surface of the tar sands and exposes the nefarious connection between the primary authors of the report, Environmental Resources Management (ERM), and tar sands extraction companies.

In addition, the article refers to a history of past ERM failings, which gave the green light for the BP Caspian Sea oil project that exploded in 2008 and covered up, two years before the infamous PB Oil Spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Follow the link to a related article that managed to make its way through the corporate media sensors, who are attempting to stifle these reports of a major “hoax” in progress:  “State Department’s Keystone XL ‘Study’ Now Exposed as a Triple Hoax


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