Be Aware of the New Republican Marketing Strategy, “We love the poor!”

English: Sarah Palin at the Americans for Pros...
Sarah Palin at the Americans for Prosperity-run Wisconsin 2011 Tax Day Tea Party Rally. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Republican National Convention
(Photo credit: NewsHour)

Be aware of the change in the Republican talking points, when you are listening to Fox right-wing nuts or engaging in that “difficult” conversation with your Republican friends, family members and business associates.

Republican bean counters have reviewed the election results and read the tea (party) leaves and realized that to win elections in the future, they need to change their marketing strategy.  The demographics have dramatically changed and the Republican image has become so badly tarnished, they have decided to promote the appearance of a return to the “compassionate conservative”  branding of the Pre-Tea Party Era.

The new Republican messaging strategy is “We can’t beat them, so…we will make them think that we have joined them.”  Now, Republicans love the poor.

Check out the Blake Zeff’s “Republicans Love Poor People Now,” where he discusses the newly released Republican Strategy Document and concludes, “The party that forever demonized struggling Americans now realizes it needs them, in order to survive.  Oops”

Follow the link to the full article <❤_welfare_queens/&gt;


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