Please Join Us for the July 7th Pacific Beach Dem Club Member Meeting

As always, The meeting will take place at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday,
July 7th, at the Pacific Beach Recreation Center at
1405 Diamond Street, San Diego, 92109.

 For this meeting we have our CA Speaker Emeritus & Candidate for Senate Toni Atkins featured as speaker.  So Ask Toni Atkins About the CA Issues Most Important to you! We will also have an election result review by our awesome VP Jason Nienberg. And of Corse there will be a discussion about the upcoming November election.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there,

Your PB Democrats Team

Please Join Us for the June 2nd Pacific Beach Dem Club Member Meeting

Election Season is Here!

Come to the June 2nd meeting to share your thoughts and ideas for success in the June and November elections!

Guest Speaker:

US Mexico Senior Policy Advisor, & Former
California Senator Denise Ducheny will speak to us
regarding US Mexico relations 

The meeting will take place at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday,
June 2nd, at the Pacific Beach Recreation Center at
1405 Diamond Street, San Diego, 92109.

Please Join Us for the May 5th Pacific Beach Dem Club Member Meeting

Member Meeting

Ballots go out in early May, so there is no time to lose.

In the May meeting we will hear from the
League of Women Voters Administration Director,
AMIE GARAPICH on propositions and City measures and 

San Diego Democratic Party Chair, FRANCINE BUSBY on all things related to the June Primary Election 

Make sure you have ALL of the information you need so you can make an educated and informed decision
when you receive your ballot!

The meeting will take place at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday,
May 5th, at the Pacific Beach Recreation Center at
1405 Diamond Street, San Diego, 92109.

April Meeting

Please Join Us

for the April 7th

Pacific Beach Dem Club

Member Meeting


We will hear from San Diego Democratic Party Chair, FRANCINE BUSBY & PBDC members
who are leading the way on Voter Outreach &
Delegates to the Democratic National Convention 

The meeting will take place at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday,
April 7, at the Pacific Beach Recreation Center at
1405 Diamond Street, San Diego, 92109.

FRANCINE BUSBY, Chair of the San Diego Conty Democratic Party
Francine is the Chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party. She has been an elected delegate at State and National conventions since 2005.  Previously, she served as President of the Cardiff School District Board and the Cardiff Education Foundation.  Francine managed school bond campaigns to raise funds to modernize Cardiff Schools.

Francine Busby is a long time advocate for girls and women.  As the former Executive Director of Run Women Run and mentor to candidates, Francine is building a network to inspire, mentor, train and elect women to public office.  From her “Women Changing The World” course as an adjunct professor at California State University, San Marcos to her years as a leader in Girl Scouts, Francine has inspired girls to understand their power and reach their potential.

Francine ran for Congress in to make a difference. From her grassroots campaign in 2004 to her nationally-profiled, special election in 2006 through her 2010 midterm race, she inspired, motivated and energized voters.

Francine enjoyed a career in tourism at the Walt Disney Travel Company where she honed her communication and management skills in a competitive global environment.   She is currently working on a book, “Why Good People Don’t Run for Office, and Why They ”Should.”



Voter Outreach Coordinator, Marilee McClean,will present on our plan for neighborhood voter outreach.
  • Outreach will start on or around May 6th and 7th.
  • Vote by mail ballots go out on May 9th, so it is imperative that we get organized now!
Feel free to contact Marilee at
619-993-9126 or
Do You Want To Be A Delegate To The
Democratic National Convention?
At the April 7th meeting, Joanne Climie will present on the following:
  • Caucus to select Delegates to the Democratic National Convention, May 1, 2006;
  • Members interested in becoming Delagates should attend our April 7th meeting and get additional information at (information for persons wanting to be delegates is on this website).
  • Slate for the SDCDP Central Committee Members on June 7,2016 Primary Ballot.
Annual Roosevelt Dinner
April 2nd, 2016

We are looking forward to celebrating another great year at the Annual Roosevelt Dinner.  Once again, we will have more attendees than can fit at one table!  A big thank you to Carol Heasley and Phyllis McGrath for putting together the beach-themed basket on behalf of the PBDC to donate to the silent auction.


Candidates to be considered in
District 9 include the following:
San Bedwell
Ricardo Flores
Georgette Gomez
Araceli Martinez
Rebecca Paida
Sarah Saez

APRIL 21, 2016
Let’s Support


PBDC members will be calling and walking to support our endorsed candidate Barbary Bry in her race for District 1.  Stay tuned for details!

Join V.P. Phyllis McGrath
at her home for a:

“Coffee and Conversation”

with Barbara Bry &
Mayoral candidate
Ed Harris

Saturday, April 2nd – 11:00to Noon (or later)

RSVP by emailing Phyllis at

March Meeting

Join your fellow Pacific Beach Democratic Club members for
our March 3rd membership meeting at the
Pacific Beach Recreation Center.
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new proposed bylaws changes, and speakers:

LORI SALDANA, on the Mayoral Race,
SUSAN WAYO, on the California
Clean Money Campaign &
Minimum Wage Campaign


The meeting will take place at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday,
March 3, at the Pacific Beach Recreation Center at
1405 Diamond Street, San Diego, 92109.

ISELA RAMOS, Organizing Director at Center on Policy Initiatives
For ten years, Ms. Ramos has fought for improving the quality of life of working people throughout the country, and especially women and immigrants, through organizing, public policy, and the law. Ms. Ramos has her Juris Doctor from Northeastern School of Law (MA), Masters in Public Policy from American University School of Public Affairs (D.C.).

She has worked for the United States Senate Health Education Labor Pensions Committee, the National Labor Relations Board, the California State Assembly, and the Service Employees International Union. Ms. Ramos is the two-time recipient of the Peggy Browning Fellowship and recipient of the Denise Carty-Benia Memorial Bar Award.

Lori Saldana
Candidate for Mayor
_______________________Former Assemblywoman Lori Saldana announced in January that she’ll be running for mayor of San Diego. Among the many bills penned by her during her time in the Legislature, Saldana considers her work co-authoring California’s landmark Global Warming legislation one of the most notable. She served in the Environmental Caucus and said she was considered one of the state’s most influential environmental voices.

Serving on the Veterans Committee, Saldana also wrote several pioneering pieces of legislation for veterans and military families.

Annual Roosevelt Dinner, April 2nd, 2016

Last year, the PBDC had two tables at the Annual Roosevelt Dinner.  Fun was had by all.  The PBDC also contributed a beach-themed basket for the silent auction.  We will discuss thoughts and themes for this year at the March 3rd meeting!


SUSAN WAYO to Speak on the California
Clean Money Campaign

Specifically, CCMC is in the process of trying to inform voters about Assembly Bill 700 (AB700), the California Disclose Act, and the Voters’ Right to Know Act (VRTK) initiative.

If passed, wealthy donors will no longer be able to hide behind deceptive committee names to mislead voters.  AB700 & VRTK will give Californians the strongest political ad funding disclosure laws in the country.  Details about both of these measures and about our organization is attached and more can be found at:


During our March 4th Member Meeting, the Club will consider endorsements in
the following races:
City Council Seat 1:
Barbara Bry
City Council Seat 3:
Anthony Bernal
Chris Ward
City Council Seat 7:
Jose Caballero
Justin DeCesare

Shirley Weber State Assembly (AB 79)
Todd Gloria for State Assembly (AB 78)
Toni Atkins for State Senate (SD 39)
Scott Peters for Congress (CD 52)

During our April 7th Member Meeting, the Club will consider endorsements in
the following races:
City Council Seat 7:
Anthony Bernal
Chris Ward
City Council Seat 7:
Jose Caballero
Justin DeCesare
City Council Seat 9:
Sam Bedwell
Ricardo Flores
Georgette Gomez
Araceli Martinez
Rebecca Paida
Sarah Saez



You must be a member in good standing, and have been a member in good standing for 30 days, to be eligible to vote.

Per Section 4 of our Bylaws, renewals are due by January 31st
of each year.  Members in good standing have two months delinquency to pay their dues until Mar 31st to maintain their member status. Dues paid following November 1 shall be applied
to the subsequent year.

Get up to date on your renewal at the next meeting or by sending your check to:
P.O. Box 9374, San Diego, CA 92169  

From Raphael Castellanos:
“Thank you again for your endorsement  and support!”
“It’s been a busy and productive February on the campaign trail speaking to voters and stakeholders. I’m very grateful to everyone who has invited me to speak to them about my vision for the office of City Attorney.”

Last week the campaign pulled papers to get onto the ballot for the primary election in June.  If you want to help Rafael Castellanos gather the signatures we need by February 29th, please call Emily Bonner at 619-549-9585, or send her an email at

February Meeting



THURSDAY at 6:00!!!

We will hear from Vera Moldt and John Loughlin.
Vera will lead a discussion on the TPP
(Trans-Pacific Partnership) and
John will provide a brief tutorial on
Facebook and its many uses.


The meeting will take place at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday,
February 4, at the Pacific Beach Recreation Center at
1405 Diamond Street, San Diego, 92109.

Vera Moldt will provide a summary of the Transpacific Partnership, a proposed international agreement that some believe will affect jobs and our democratic and judicial processes.
Vera Moldt’s professional career involved developing business opportunities and strategic relationships for technology based systems and working with a wide range of domestic and international organizations.  She dealt with intellectual property issues and negotiating domestic and international projects.
This week John Loughlin will provide the first of a series of Facebook tutorials.  These tutorials will give our members a basis from which to use Facebook as an effective took in our activism and as members of the PBDC. John has helped many of the clubs with his technical expertise.  We are grateful to him for taking the time out to assist our club!

PBDC Members Attended the CLEAN ELECTIONS KICKOFF even on January 9th! 

The kickoff event was a great success with over 70 people in attendance.   John Hartley led a signature gathering tutorial.  The petition drive is in full force. Volunteers are out now collecting signatures to get the Clean Elections initiative on the November ballot.

Help build the number who like the Clean Elections Campaign
Facebook page: “San Diego clean elections campaign!”



Join this Thursday to help
set the endorsement schedule for upcoming elections.

Our club has yet to endorse in several important races.  We will discuss which races to focus on in the coming year.



We will hear from Pete Hasapopoulous on
San Diego’s Climate Action Plan and
Community Choice Energy

Join us as we discuss where we have been and where we are going!  The new year is the perfect time to reflect on what makes us passionate.  If a particular issue is important to you,
we want to know about it!

The meeting will take place at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday,
January 7, at the Pacific Beach Recreation Center at
1405 Diamond Street, San Diego, 92109.

Pete Hasapopoulos is a community organizer with the Sierra Club’s My Generation campaign, which is striving for the state of California to be fully powered by clean energy.  His recent policy work includes seeing the San Diego and Carlsbad Climate Action Plans across the finish line.
Ongoing work is geared toward getting Community Choice Energy electricity providers established in multiple cities across the region.
Community Choice Energy 

California and several other states allows cities and counties to establish nonprofit electricity providers in order to purchase power on behalf of their populations.  It’s called Community Choice Energy, or “aggregation” on the law books.

Choice providers, such as the 3 already operating in California, offer their customers more clean energy than the monopoly utilities and buy increasing amounts of clean power from local sources such as rooftop solar over time.

Choice providers also offer local control over rate setting, with a local board of directors making decisions in public meetings and in a manner that is conducive to transparency and public participation. Under the Choice model, the monopoly utility continues to operate and maintain the grid, distinguishing Choice from a traditional municipal utility.  Multiple California cities, including San Francisco, are on their way to launching choice providers.

In the next few months the City of San Diego will hire a consultant to conduct a feasibility study that is expected to be complete by next autumn.

Membership renewals are due on January 1! 

Bring your check with you to the January 7th membership meeting or send it by mail to:Pacific Beach Democratic Club, PO Box 9374,
San Diego, CA 92169.

PBDC annual membership dues are $25 Individual, $30 Couple, $50 Sustaining, or $100 Patron.


Join us on Thursday, January 7 as we discuss where we have been and where we are going!

If a particular issue is important to you, we want to know!
The PBDC can bring in experts  in your area of interest.

Congrats to the PBDC!
We more than doubled in size over the last year.
Let’s do it again!